Zonta Says No! to violence against women

Zonta in the UK and across the world has been campaigning against violence against women for many years

In Westminster the government is planning to bring in a law to make Domestic Abuse Illegal and has been consulting on what should be included.  Now the Home Affairs Select Committee is taking a hard look at what should be included in the Bill. They having been seeking evidence on the following:

  • what further measures need to be taken to help prevent domestic abuse;
  • is the response of public authorities to domestic abuse good enough, and if not, how could it be improved;
  • what else is required to ensure that there is sufficient support, protection and refuge for victims of abuse;
  • how to secure the equal protection of BME and migrant women who are victims of domestic abuse;
  • the impact of domestic abuse on children and child safeguarding and what more the Government could do to ensure that more children are protected from domestic abuse;
  • what are the key difficulties encountered by victims of domestic abuse in the justice system, and in particular in the family courts;
  • what national oversight framework is required to ensure that there are sufficient quality services available at a local level for victims of abuse;
  • the proposed role and powers of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner.
An interesting angle about Domestic Violence is that Women may lose the vote through no fault of their own as this article on the Fawcett Society blog explains: https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/blog/national-democracy-week-domestic-abuse-right-to-vote

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